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New album

Serge and me met each other eight years ago. Over the years we’ve become very close friends, brothers almost. 

We started out making raw beats and over the top string chords with no clear intention in mind of what message we were trying to send. For three years we fooled around and made a lot of tracks that never got released, at least not until we met Proton’s Jason Wohlstadter after he had heard our remix of Exoplanet’s “Fenomeen". Our debut EP “Future Able” followed shortly after and we suddenly had a product to be proud of. 

Another two years passed. We gained a lot of life experience and I found my first love. Obviously after that I found my second love, and so on. For me a lot of inspiration came from the break ups and the fact that I was slowly opening my eyes for the real world around me. Our music took its course and became more melancholic and organic. Although this was an interesting way to go, we now look back on our “The End” album and still think it has a strong personal message, but we don’t want to continue down that road for now. On “The End” were various guest appearances from other artists. Paul Davids was featured on guitar, Lisette van den Berg delivered awesome, enchanting vocals and Door Visser told a beautiful story in “Desire You”. 

After “The End”, Sed Project went through a two year hiatus. We both went our own ways meanwhile. I started a solo project and Serge opened his own recording studio. It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I called Serge and said I had some ideas for a new album. However, I wanted to go back to the roots, the very beginning: raw beats with a dark atmosphere, and just the two of us.  

Again, with no clear vision in mind of who we want to be on stage, what message we are trying to send, we’ve spent several weekends in the studio together, working endlessly on new songs. Don’t get me wrong, every song has a  story. Nothing is random. We just want our music to be about us, rather than belonging to a bigger picture, and pretending to be something we’re not. We don’t do it for the fame. These are our stories. This is us. One constant factor is though, that we’ve always put our fears for things that are bigger than us into our music, and that is surely what drives us to make dark and cinematic sounds up until today. 

So we have a new album coming up. We won’t promise anything yet when it comes to having it done, but it’s definitely alive and breathing. But most importantly, we are still here. 

- Jean-Paul



New live videos

After performing in 013, Tilburg about a month ago we've put online a few new live videos. If you like what you're seeing; there are more video's on the way and we'll also be announcing more live dates very soon.



Live photos

Last week we had a great time playing in 013, Tilburg. Check out a few awesome photos taken by Anne Smeets at our Photos section.

Thanks everybody for coming out to see us!



Come see us live

Come see us play live on Thursday in 013, Tilburg   We'll be playing a full show, including vocal performances by Door Visser and Lisette van den Berg. Furthermore, Hessel Stuut's album artwork will come to life in terms of visuals during our live act.

Where: Kleine Zaal, 013, Tilburg.
When: June 20, 2013
Venue open: 20.00
Start time: 21.00
Entrance fee: Free




If you'd like to know more about us or read some background info about our debut album, check out our fresh biography. A big thank you goes out to James Warren for writing the piece.

Also check out the awesome photos Michel Mees recently shot for us.



'The End' released by Proton Music

Today Proton Music released our entire album 'The End' on various places on the web, including Beatport and iTunes. You can buy the MP3's there or on our Bandcamp page or download it for free entirely, right here on our website.




'The End' limited edition CD

From today on your can order our hand numbered (100) CD's from our Bandcamp page. Not only will you then own a physical limited edition CD from our debut album but you'll also greatly support us in our musical journey.

In case you want to listen to our album first before buying it, remember you can still download the ENTIRE album in high quality MP3 for FREE from our website.

Payment on Bandcamp goes through PayPal or Creditcard. If you don't have either of these just send us a message and we'll find another way.



'✝' released on Winter Particles 2013

Proton Particles has released "✝" on their Winter Particles compilation as the opening track. We're very grateful for this publication! At Beatport the track can now be found under the name "Cross" since they sadly don't support any unusual symbols.



'Some Will Figure' remixes released

Today our track 'Some Will Figure' was released on Beatport.com by Proton Particles   The original is being  accompanied by two remixes by Exoplanet and Nick Hoogendoorn. We're very proud of this release and hope you like the remixes as much as we do.



Making 'Lullaby'

Back in the summer of 2012 we started working on 'Lullaby', the concluding track of our debut album 'The End'. We made a video of us recording the strings and guitar parts.



'The End' is out now for free download

At December 21st, 2012 at 12:12:12 the new website has been released along with the debut of album "The End" by Sed Project. The album is downloadable completely for free through this link. The package includes 10 full tracks lasting 50 minutes in total, a frontcover and PDF with credits and thanks to all who have supported us throughout the last two years as we've been working hard on this album.

In case you sincerely like our work, you may want to consider ordering the full CD package, including a physical digipak with artwork by Hessel Stuut. The CD can be ordered through our Shop (Bandcamp). Not only will you then own a limited edition CD (hand numbered!) but you will also support us greatly by paying the 15 euro's we ask for the CD.

A big and many thanks again to all who have helped us making this possible. Stay tuned for future news.